About the Artist:
Although I have always enjoyed art, it wasn't until I was in my
MJ Aug 2008
30's that I actually started painting. My father-in-law, a local artist named Earl W. Harman, kept encouraging me to pick up a brush. After he passed away I was given his art supplies - and in honor of this wonderful man I tried to do my first real painting. From that day on I was hooked - words cannot begin to explain the sheer joy of taking a plain piece of paper, canvas or even a rock and trying to make it come alive with pencil strokes or colors from a brush.
The beauty nature holds is magical and trying to capture it on canvas or paper is most exciting and humbling. My goal is not only to obtain the best likeness of the subject possible but to portray the personality and character.
It has been an elusive dream of mine to receive some art training, and someday I hope to fulfill this dream, however as of now I am self-taught.  I believe one never stops learning and with every sketch or painting I strive to learn more.
Thank you for viewing my web site.
Mary Jane